Buisiness Ideas for the Summer

Hello my stylish people.

Today I have a few short business ideas that you guys may enjoy to kick off the sumer and give you a little extra cash.


Make an etsy account. Etsy is a website where people make their own personal designs and install there art for everybody to buy. On etsy there are many users who either sell clothes,jewlry or even mugs. It’s aa way to share your creativity with others while getting paid for it at the ssame time.


 Society 6 is another awebsite that allows users to shre their creativity online with others while getting paid for it.  On this site artists often have their art work printed in to items and materials such as carpet, shirts, clocks and mugs.


Twice is online store that allows users to re sell their old clothes and hand me down to other users. Something cool about this is that you can even make bargains with buyers/ sellers for a price that works best for you. Part of the profit you make will be given to the website buy you get a majority of th money, while they also provide you with shipping tags.


 This is a website that literally pays you with gift cards and or cash for completing surveys. I know it sounds really shady but it’s not. After taking a certain amount of surveys and reaching the goal they will ship you and give you a code with a gift card for amazon to buy whatever you please. It’s a quick and pretty lazy way to earn some cash while still being helpful. You can even enter in a raffle to win cash.

That’s all for today! Stay stylish.


Study Guide To Guide You Through Finals

Hello guys!

Today I just have a few tips that will hopefully help you study and prepare for finals and end the year feeling right and good about how you ended the year.

1. Cut the TV Out

Yup…this is hard. Ever since my freshman year I have cut tv out of my life for about a good 2 weeks when its time fore mid-terms and finals. As hard as it may sound after 2-3 days you get in the habt and almost forget that the tv is even there. Trust me when I say this will help you a ton. You will feel well rested and energized through t the day and will have no distractions to bother you while taking the testor studying.

(And now that OITNB’s new season is coming out this is not going to be easy, and I doubtit will last but I have to try.)


Just go through some of your material that you will need to take finals. Ask your teachers what materials will be on the final and organize them into your own study guide. You can make this as fun as you want by color coding it.

3.Meal Plan

Create your self a meal plan for this week ans you study and prep for finals and a meal plan for next week as you begin finals. Having a heathy meal is key to feeling energized so make sure that they are healthy and full coarse meals so you can survive the dreaded finals.

4.Sleep Schedule


Things To Do This Summer

Hello stylish people! Can you believe that is is almost summer time…

And to celebrate the nice weather and the beginning of the summer time I have 5 activities that you can enjoy this summer that will surely make this one of your best summers ever.

1.Go To Disney Land/World …

Do I even have to explain my self on this one…I mean come on it’s the most magical place on earth.

2. Figment Festival

Visit the figment festival in New York. The figment festival is an arts festival that is held on an island in New York called Goveners Island. at the festival you can spend your day outside riding a bike while passing by thhe art installations or even add something to their art while interacting with it. Heck you could even enter your own art into the festival. While walking or riding through the island you will see different people dressed up in costumes or stopping at vendors to get food.


Try to get creative with a group of friends this summer and start a buissiness. This is a great thing to start doing while you are a teenager to get some extra money in your pocket while you have enough time. Some business’s that you may want ti create with some friends could be you guys selling jewelry with each other .


Make a youtube channel. This is something that I plan on doing with a few friends this summer. This is something you can do just to start off small and hopefully it will grow bigger.  You can even potentially make a business out of this with you want to. Make it about whatever you want.

Banana Dough Based Cookie

Hello guys,

Why are bananas never lonely?

Because they’re always in bunches. haha

Okay, now that we have all heard my lame banana jokes lets get down to business.

Cookies are just about everyone’s secret, unfortunately it’s not the healthiest love. But what if there was a way to make it healthier? Well there is a way to make it healthier, instead of using dough that is full of sugar and fattening unknown things you can replace it with bananas instead ( 1 banana can go a long way). The cookies still won’t be the healthiest snack but it will be healthier and fresher.


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees


Take out a mixing bowl and add 1 banana to it. (Make sure the banana is ripe)


Add one tsp of vanilla extract


Add in 1/3 of chocolate chips


Add in 1/4 of butter


1sp baking powder


Put parchment paper on a pan or make sure the pan is non sticky


Roll cookies into balls


press down on them


Put cookies in for 10 min


WAH-LA, You’re done!

Necessities For Coachella

Hello stylish people!

Aa misy of you know Coachella is a fair/concert that is held in California, where people all over come for the weekend to relax, mingle, and listen to music. Yesterday marked the beginning of weekend two for Coachella.  Weekend two is the same as the first weekend of you were wondering.

Now that you have a basic overviews of what Coachella is I will tell you some necessities you might want to bring with you.

  • The weather in CA is as everyone knows… hot so it is important to bring short clothing
  • When packing your clothing be diligent, peoples styles \are usually a mix between a hippie and bohemian style.
    • head bands with flowers
    • circle glasses
    • crop tops
    • loose pants
    • Aztec patterns
    • sandals
  • Sun screen or sun block is a necessity
  • Plan to book a place to stay in early so that you will not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of trying to find one. (Or you can stay in your car, like some others).
  • Most importantly make sure you bring a group of friends with you. 🙂

Tried to publish post last night but something happened

Room Decor for Spring


For this room décor DIY you’re basically hanging up pictures in your room on a thin rope line with wooden clips as if you are hanging clothes.

1. Grab a magazine, and cut out your favorite images into shapes that appeal to you. You can even use some old pictures that you may have take on a camera or a polaroid.(Most use squares as shapes)

2. Grap your thin rope and wooden clips and begin pinning them!

To attach the to your wall you can just use tape the rope

Orange Ya   Glad You Made Some Wall Art?

For this room decor DIY you are making cool texturized cirlcles with orange. I personally prefer using fake oranges for this project, because I don’t want to waist the oranges that I can’t eat after dipping them into paint.

1. Get your canvas out or pape(whatever you are using to print your project on)

2. Dip the fruit into paint while patting it on the canvas and lift it up.

5 Things Only Short People Will Understand

Some people are blessed with the ideal height of being 5’7, while others with 4’11 or maybe even 5’0, people like me.  Anyone over the height of 5’5 feels the need to put their input and on how we are so disadvantaged with everything…but only if they knew the half of it.


EVERY short person has this problem whether the like it or not. Being short we can never gram that one item that we need so badly and instead are forced to face the cold hard truth that if we plan o getting anything that is 5 inches above our head. we’re going to have  to jump to get it or climb on the counter.


Shopping is probably the hardest part about being short, because just about 80% of the clothes don’t fit or just look plain weird on you (dresses,pants,etc…)


The good thing about being short is that people always compliment you and say you’re cute but when it’s time to get serious you’re not the one to mess around with. You don’t have to look feisty to be feisty.


Going to the amusement park can sometimes be the saddest of them all. It’s no walk in the park trying to figure out of you’re tall enough to get onto a roller coaster, or tall enough to swim on the deep side of the pool.


Every short person has that one tall friend that always makes you feel down bout your height (no pun intended). Whether it be through calling you shorty, patting your head, or even just complaining about how you can’t keep up when walking.


Being fun size os not to bad, it makes you unique.

Stay Stylishly Short

Trying to be Healthy: Reality vs Expectation.

I keep telling myself that I am going to be healthy and every year I try and I fell a little at some parts, but never the less I keep going at it. This year I am very determined to keep it together but there is always just that one thing always dragging me down… REALITY

This is a blog post dedicated to all you people put there who are on the path to a healthier lifestyle and need the support. I too understand the struggle.

Healthy Eating:

Expectation: Working at a job that is all about health and community I’m all about eating healthy 24/5 if not 24/7. After a long day of school I’m always starving, and I kind of feel as though I’m on the brink of death. After getting settled inside of the house I usually go to the fridge and either make a parfait for a snack or a veggie sandwich, holding off on any food until dinner time.

Reality: After speed walking home from my bus stop I’m so exhausted and famished  just go to the fridge and  pantry and find the irst fatteningg thing

Working Out:

Expectation:During the wekend after a busy week working hopping on the treadmll or running is relaxing. Giving me a sense of accomplishment.

Reality: Now don’t get me wrong, working out does giveme a sense of accomplishment but so does sleeping after a long week. I the greatsense I have after completing anothework out, but sadly after a few minutes I kind of feel like my legs are about to fall off an leave me slinfing off the treadmill.


Expectation: Diets are cool too but I’m all about just initiating  a healthy life style.

Reality: Sadly Iwant to go on a diet called”watch-others-eat-healthy-while-i-sit-on-the-couch-eating-chips-hoping-to-have-a-summer-body-ready”



Packing Lightly

It may be snowing on the first day of Spring in Connecticut but that does now mean that  our spring vacation will be ruined! So with me today I have brought some tips and tricks that will help you pack and enjoy your Spring vacation.


You should always pack for appropriate weather depending on the place that you are going to. I assume that most of you will be going to warm places such as California,Florida, and etc.

When packing some of us are usually so excited that we usually forget to pack our hygiene products, so I recommend that you begin packing those items first.

  • deodorant
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • shaving cream/razors
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • face towel and towel
  • face wash
  • CLOTHES. Make sure that you pack appropriate clothes for the weather at the least 2 pair of pants is definitely a must.
  • Electronics( like a phone. Don’t distract yourself with your phone)

That’s all guys! Have a wonderful trip on your break guys.

Vegetarian Breakfast

Recently I decided to try a vegetarian life style for a month…Just to try. Last year to cleanse my body I tried a vegan lifestyle for a month and that was pretty difficult. I decided to inspire you guys and myself I would some healthy vegetarian dishes that inspire.


Peanut Butter Pancake

110 calories, 4g fat, 8g carb, and 16g protein.

You will need

2 large eggs,

medium mashed banana,

peanut butter

(topping mix: 2tlb peanut flower and  1.5 almond milk)

Spray non stick pan with non stick spray or just spread the pan with coconut oil. With a medium sized bowl mix your banana so that it is smashed and smooth. Add your eggs in and whisk so that the two things are mixed and combined and smooth. Add two tlb of peanut flower and combine. Add 2tlb of pancake to the nonstick pan and cook for a minute before flipping.

For the sauce add a tlb of peanut flower with 1.5 almond milk. Pour.Enjoy.