Lady Bug Halloween Costume

Hey guys! I know this is a late post but it’s because I accidently deleted this post from my saed drafts so I had to re-type it, bu anyways lets get started with this D.I.Y.

Materials Needed-

  1. Black material
  2.  Red fabric
  3. Circular object
  4. Fabric chalk
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot glue
  7. Headbad
  8. Pipe cleaners
  9. Fuzzy balls
  10. Black shirt
  11. Black pants


  1. Plug in your hot glue gun and set it on a glass plate or heat protectant sheet
  2. Take your black material and white. Cut your red  fabric in half and lay one atop of the other and with the white chalkd raw half of an oval (these will be the wings). Take your scissors and cut the shape out, you should now have two half heart shapes for the wings.
  3. With your black fabric take the circular object and whie chalk. Trace around the circular object on the black fabric with the white chalk. You may make however many circles you choose to make just make sure you cu around an even amount.
  4. Tae your hot glue gun (PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE HOT GLUE GUN) and glue the red circled on to each side of the black material
  5. While the hot glue dries take your pipe claners and fuzzy balls.  Twistt the pie cleaners around to give them a funny, crazy antenna look then take the headband and hot glue the pipe cleaners onto the headband.
  6. While the antenna dries take your black shirt and the wings and ho glue the tips wings on t the vlack shirt.
  7. Take the antenna and the fuzzy balls and hot glue them onto the tip of bot pipe cleaners


Please message me and comment on he blog if you have just made the costume and how this has turned out for you/


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