I’m pretty sure all of us have heard of this new trend of putting your friut into water. If you have not heard about it is similar to having cucumber water.

  1. You get a fancy mason cup or a glass cup (like voss)
  2. You cut up your pieces if fruit
  3. You put them into your cup
  4. Shake it and your’e good to go

Well after hearing about this trend I was not fully keen on it and what the point of it was…

Naturally, after hearing about this trend  and seeing the countless pictures of it posted on Instagram,  it made sense to be  curious as to what was so cool about this trend. So I did some research on it. Apparently putting fruit in your water is healthier and helps with losing weight because of its anti-oxidant included in it, and also detoxes your body all the while enjoying a nice cool drink, also siillar to green teen in this way. So, I don’t know about you guys and your thoughts on this but I think I am just going make me a glass and head down to the gym to burn of the calories!

BYE! Until next time keep it stylish.


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