Starting a New Semester

So as you know grades have or are closing for all us high school student and it is time to move on to semester 2, so I have some tips for you guys on how to start fresh this time around.

Tip 1😃
It is time for to start fresh and the perfect way to do this is by clearing your head . The effect time for you to do this is over the weekend. Go hand out with friends or of that’s even to much, take time to yourself with comedy movies and take out food.

Tip 2 ☺️
Clean out your book bags and folders!
Now that it is time to start fresh it is very important to keep your book bang fresh. Ask your teachers what you need and what what you don’t need for the new semester so you can stay organized.

Tip 3
Make a Schedule
Ooh I know it sucks to have to plan your day out but it helps. Don’t plan every second of your day out but make sure you have a structured schedule of what you might
Do during the week day (when you get home,
Or complete school work)
That’s all guys have a great new semester and until the stay stylish!


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