Natural Hair Tips: Moisrurizng Techniques

From what I can tell it looks like a lot if people are going natural with their hair. Ridding of their perms,blowouts,etc… I have been natural all my life….hmmm well if youn’t count that time when i got a blowout when I was in the fourth grade or that texturized that I got when I was in seventh grade.

Enough about me though let’s talk about some healthy moisturizing tips for when you are going natural.

I am not too sure what this technique is called but for now I will call it

The Four Puffs

When doing this technique you should  take a rat tail comb so you can make for parts in your hair vertical down and across

after you have finished step one tie three of the puffs with a rubber bands

Take any moisturizer you have out, begin to moisturize the puff that is not tied. Do the rest with the following puffs I would recommend hair olive oil.

Take a plastic shower cap over your head and leave it for the night

Well I hope that this helps! Make sure you comment below how this has went for you.

Stay stylish


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