Paris Attack

If you have not heard, there was recently an attack on Paris, France for a publishing company because some of the satire articles and pictures they were releasing. I will admit myself that these articles could be deemed as offensive to people’s religions,as some of these images were made to look like innaporpriateimages

BUT this is no excuse to kill hundreds  of people. Sadly this is exactly what happened though,. Three terrorists that are said to  have been born in France a2 of them were male and 1 was a female. The males were brothers an depart of the Muslim religion and one part of IsisTHethree of themhave alsobeen apart ofother attacks.

The fact that these people had to shoot people had tp shoot people in order to get heir opinions across is very disappointing

Ontop of this there havebeen more attaks in Paris, FRance

Ion’t know what it’s going to take for somepeople to geta wake up calland relaizethereis afineline between stingn opinion and injustice


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