As we all know Valentines day will be here soon, and by soon I mean tomorrow. If you still do not have plans for Saturday then I have some ideas that just may get you through the lovey-dovey day.

1. Fries Before Guys or Mates Before Dates

Nothing is better on Valentines Day then spending it with your best buddy’s. Forget about love and just make sometime for your buds. Get some chick flicks or if you’re a guy grab some ride to die action movies and live the night up, whether you choose to make your party into celebration of friends, or a “I Love to Hate Love” party.


The tittle just explains everything. All you really need is two things for this, pizza and yourself. Make or call up the nearest pizza place and just eat valentines day away.

3.)Love Yourself

YOU are the first and main priority. Even more so on a day about love. Pamper yourself by giving you love notes, having grams sent to you, speak of sweet nothing to your self.

Bye Guys


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