Vegetarian Breakfast

Recently I decided to try a vegetarian life style for a month…Just to try. Last year to cleanse my body I tried a vegan lifestyle for a month and that was pretty difficult. I decided to inspire you guys and myself I would some healthy vegetarian dishes that inspire.


Peanut Butter Pancake

110 calories, 4g fat, 8g carb, and 16g protein.

You will need

2 large eggs,

medium mashed banana,

peanut butter

(topping mix: 2tlb peanut flower and  1.5 almond milk)

Spray non stick pan with non stick spray or just spread the pan with coconut oil. With a medium sized bowl mix your banana so that it is smashed and smooth. Add your eggs in and whisk so that the two things are mixed and combined and smooth. Add two tlb of peanut flower and combine. Add 2tlb of pancake to the nonstick pan and cook for a minute before flipping.

For the sauce add a tlb of peanut flower with 1.5 almond milk. Pour.Enjoy.


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