Packing Lightly

It may be snowing on the first day of Spring in Connecticut but that does now mean that  our spring vacation will be ruined! So with me today I have brought some tips and tricks that will help you pack and enjoy your Spring vacation.


You should always pack for appropriate weather depending on the place that you are going to. I assume that most of you will be going to warm places such as California,Florida, and etc.

When packing some of us are usually so excited that we usually forget to pack our hygiene products, so I recommend that you begin packing those items first.

  • deodorant
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • shaving cream/razors
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • face towel and towel
  • face wash
  • CLOTHES. Make sure that you pack appropriate clothes for the weather at the least 2 pair of pants is definitely a must.
  • Electronics( like a phone. Don’t distract yourself with your phone)

That’s all guys! Have a wonderful trip on your break guys.


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