Trying to be Healthy: Reality vs Expectation.

I keep telling myself that I am going to be healthy and every year I try and I fell a little at some parts, but never the less I keep going at it. This year I am very determined to keep it together but there is always just that one thing always dragging me down… REALITY

This is a blog post dedicated to all you people put there who are on the path to a healthier lifestyle and need the support. I too understand the struggle.

Healthy Eating:

Expectation: Working at a job that is all about health and community I’m all about eating healthy 24/5 if not 24/7. After a long day of school I’m always starving, and I kind of feel as though I’m on the brink of death. After getting settled inside of the house I usually go to the fridge and either make a parfait for a snack or a veggie sandwich, holding off on any food until dinner time.

Reality: After speed walking home from my bus stop I’m so exhausted and famished  just go to the fridge and  pantry and find the irst fatteningg thing

Working Out:

Expectation:During the wekend after a busy week working hopping on the treadmll or running is relaxing. Giving me a sense of accomplishment.

Reality: Now don’t get me wrong, working out does giveme a sense of accomplishment but so does sleeping after a long week. I the greatsense I have after completing anothework out, but sadly after a few minutes I kind of feel like my legs are about to fall off an leave me slinfing off the treadmill.


Expectation: Diets are cool too but I’m all about just initiating  a healthy life style.

Reality: Sadly Iwant to go on a diet called”watch-others-eat-healthy-while-i-sit-on-the-couch-eating-chips-hoping-to-have-a-summer-body-ready”




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