Room Decor for Spring


For this room décor DIY you’re basically hanging up pictures in your room on a thin rope line with wooden clips as if you are hanging clothes.

1. Grab a magazine, and cut out your favorite images into shapes that appeal to you. You can even use some old pictures that you may have take on a camera or a polaroid.(Most use squares as shapes)

2. Grap your thin rope and wooden clips and begin pinning them!

To attach the to your wall you can just use tape the rope

Orange Ya   Glad You Made Some Wall Art?

For this room decor DIY you are making cool texturized cirlcles with orange. I personally prefer using fake oranges for this project, because I don’t want to waist the oranges that I can’t eat after dipping them into paint.

1. Get your canvas out or pape(whatever you are using to print your project on)

2. Dip the fruit into paint while patting it on the canvas and lift it up.


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