Necessities For Coachella

Hello stylish people!

Aa misy of you know Coachella is a fair/concert that is held in California, where people all over come for the weekend to relax, mingle, and listen to music. Yesterday marked the beginning of weekend two for Coachella.  Weekend two is the same as the first weekend of you were wondering.

Now that you have a basic overviews of what Coachella is I will tell you some necessities you might want to bring with you.

  • The weather in CA is as everyone knows… hot so it is important to bring short clothing
  • When packing your clothing be diligent, peoples styles \are usually a mix between a hippie and bohemian style.
    • head bands with flowers
    • circle glasses
    • crop tops
    • loose pants
    • Aztec patterns
    • sandals
  • Sun screen or sun block is a necessity
  • Plan to book a place to stay in early so that you will not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of trying to find one. (Or you can stay in your car, like some others).
  • Most importantly make sure you bring a group of friends with you. 🙂

Tried to publish post last night but something happened


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