Study Guide To Guide You Through Finals

Hello guys!

Today I just have a few tips that will hopefully help you study and prepare for finals and end the year feeling right and good about how you ended the year.

1. Cut the TV Out

Yup…this is hard. Ever since my freshman year I have cut tv out of my life for about a good 2 weeks when its time fore mid-terms and finals. As hard as it may sound after 2-3 days you get in the habt and almost forget that the tv is even there. Trust me when I say this will help you a ton. You will feel well rested and energized through t the day and will have no distractions to bother you while taking the testor studying.

(And now that OITNB’s new season is coming out this is not going to be easy, and I doubtit will last but I have to try.)


Just go through some of your material that you will need to take finals. Ask your teachers what materials will be on the final and organize them into your own study guide. You can make this as fun as you want by color coding it.

3.Meal Plan

Create your self a meal plan for this week ans you study and prep for finals and a meal plan for next week as you begin finals. Having a heathy meal is key to feeling energized so make sure that they are healthy and full coarse meals so you can survive the dreaded finals.

4.Sleep Schedule



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