Things To Do This Summer

Hello stylish people! Can you believe that is is almost summer time…

And to celebrate the nice weather and the beginning of the summer time I have 5 activities that you can enjoy this summer that will surely make this one of your best summers ever.

1.Go To Disney Land/World …

Do I even have to explain my self on this one…I mean come on it’s the most magical place on earth.

2. Figment Festival

Visit the figment festival in New York. The figment festival is an arts festival that is held on an island in New York called Goveners Island. at the festival you can spend your day outside riding a bike while passing by thhe art installations or even add something to their art while interacting with it. Heck you could even enter your own art into the festival. While walking or riding through the island you will see different people dressed up in costumes or stopping at vendors to get food.


Try to get creative with a group of friends this summer and start a buissiness. This is a great thing to start doing while you are a teenager to get some extra money in your pocket while you have enough time. Some business’s that you may want ti create with some friends could be you guys selling jewelry with each other .


Make a youtube channel. This is something that I plan on doing with a few friends this summer. This is something you can do just to start off small and hopefully it will grow bigger.  You can even potentially make a business out of this with you want to. Make it about whatever you want.


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