Buisiness Ideas for the Summer

Hello my stylish people.

Today I have a few short business ideas that you guys may enjoy to kick off the sumer and give you a little extra cash.


Make an etsy account. Etsy is a website where people make their own personal designs and install there art for everybody to buy. On etsy there are many users who either sell clothes,jewlry or even mugs. It’s aa way to share your creativity with others while getting paid for it at the ssame time.


 Society 6 is another awebsite that allows users to shre their creativity online with others while getting paid for it.  On this site artists often have their art work printed in to items and materials such as carpet, shirts, clocks and mugs.


Twice is online store that allows users to re sell their old clothes and hand me down to other users. Something cool about this is that you can even make bargains with buyers/ sellers for a price that works best for you. Part of the profit you make will be given to the website buy you get a majority of th money, while they also provide you with shipping tags.


 This is a website that literally pays you with gift cards and or cash for completing surveys. I know it sounds really shady but it’s not. After taking a certain amount of surveys and reaching the goal they will ship you and give you a code with a gift card for amazon to buy whatever you please. It’s a quick and pretty lazy way to earn some cash while still being helpful. You can even enter in a raffle to win cash.

That’s all for today! Stay stylish.


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