As we all know Valentines day will be here soon, and by soon I mean tomorrow. If you still do not have plans for Saturday then I have some ideas that just may get you through the lovey-dovey day.

1. Fries Before Guys or Mates Before Dates

Nothing is better on Valentines Day then spending it with your best buddy’s. Forget about love and just make sometime for your buds. Get some chick flicks or if you’re a guy grab some ride to die action movies and live the night up, whether you choose to make your party into celebration of friends, or a “I Love to Hate Love” party.


The tittle just explains everything. All you really need is two things for this, pizza and yourself. Make or call up the nearest pizza place and just eat valentines day away.

3.)Love Yourself

YOU are the first and main priority. Even more so on a day about love. Pamper yourself by giving you love notes, having grams sent to you, speak of sweet nothing to your self.

Bye Guys


Paris Attack

If you have not heard, there was recently an attack on Paris, France for a publishing company because some of the satire articles and pictures they were releasing. I will admit myself that these articles could be deemed as offensive to people’s religions,as some of these images were made to look like innaporpriateimages

BUT this is no excuse to kill hundreds  of people. Sadly this is exactly what happened though,. Three terrorists that are said to  have been born in France a2 of them were male and 1 was a female. The males were brothers an depart of the Muslim religion and one part of IsisTHethree of themhave alsobeen apart ofother attacks.

The fact that these people had to shoot people had tp shoot people in order to get heir opinions across is very disappointing

Ontop of this there havebeen more attaks in Paris, FRance

Ion’t know what it’s going to take for somepeople to geta wake up calland relaizethereis afineline between stingn opinion and injustice


This is a guild on how to create a quick and easy winter decoraains throught your houswe.

How to Build a Snowman(CoCoa Kit)

Materials Needed

  • Cocoa
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Soft Peppermint Chips
  • Peppermint candy
  • Cloth
  • Silly Eyes
  • Mason Jars
  • Hot Glue Gun

The first thing that you should probably do before you start the process is wash out the Mason Jars. Buying these are really easy because you can purchase them from your local Dollar Store.

Plug in your hot glue gun

Place the mason jar on the table and to your liking add as much cocoa powder as you for the bottomlayer. I did one cup.

Put a layer of chocolate chocolate chips above the cocoa. Be careful so thatthey won’t sink into the cocoa powder.

Add  soft pepermint candy along the cocolate chips.

Filling it close to the top pour out the marshmallows.

With yourpeppermints wrapped in plastic add the them to the top!

 Youh put glue gun should be hot by now so carefullywith your googly eyes glue then to the front of the mason jar, and these will be the eyes to your snowman.

With your fabric cut it into a squrae big enough tosurround the top of the mason jar.

Take your fabric rubber band put the square fabric on top of the mson jar top and put the fabric rubber band around it. Once the rubber band is around the your mason jar you should then take your glue gun and glue the rubberband on to the fabric form the inside so that it stays put.

The last step to building your tasty snowman is to put an oranfe nose to him by gluing organge paper or glue orn fabric shaped in a triangle to it.

With yourpeppermints wrapped in plastic add the them to the top!



Recently there have been many cases deing with discrimination. For example, the Mike Brown case a shooting if a sixteen year old,the Treybon Martin case a shooting of a 15 year old, a  45 year old man named Eric Gardner being choked to death, and many more cases. You may think do but thus is nothing new! This sort if thing happens all the time and not only with police brutality.

we can not grow as a county if we keep this up and refuse to acknowledge it

Natural Hair Tips: Moisrurizng Techniques

From what I can tell it looks like a lot if people are going natural with their hair. Ridding of their perms,blowouts,etc… I have been natural all my life….hmmm well if youn’t count that time when i got a blowout when I was in the fourth grade or that texturized that I got when I was in seventh grade.

Enough about me though let’s talk about some healthy moisturizing tips for when you are going natural.

I am not too sure what this technique is called but for now I will call it

The Four Puffs

When doing this technique you should  take a rat tail comb so you can make for parts in your hair vertical down and across

after you have finished step one tie three of the puffs with a rubber bands

Take any moisturizer you have out, begin to moisturize the puff that is not tied. Do the rest with the following puffs I would recommend hair olive oil.

Take a plastic shower cap over your head and leave it for the night

Well I hope that this helps! Make sure you comment below how this has went for you.

Stay stylish

Starting a New Semester

So as you know grades have or are closing for all us high school student and it is time to move on to semester 2, so I have some tips for you guys on how to start fresh this time around.

Tip 1😃
It is time for to start fresh and the perfect way to do this is by clearing your head . The effect time for you to do this is over the weekend. Go hand out with friends or of that’s even to much, take time to yourself with comedy movies and take out food.

Tip 2 ☺️
Clean out your book bags and folders!
Now that it is time to start fresh it is very important to keep your book bang fresh. Ask your teachers what you need and what what you don’t need for the new semester so you can stay organized.

Tip 3
Make a Schedule
Ooh I know it sucks to have to plan your day out but it helps. Don’t plan every second of your day out but make sure you have a structured schedule of what you might
Do during the week day (when you get home,
Or complete school work)
That’s all guys have a great new semester and until the stay stylish!


I’m pretty sure all of us have heard of this new trend of putting your friut into water. If you have not heard about it is similar to having cucumber water.

  1. You get a fancy mason cup or a glass cup (like voss)
  2. You cut up your pieces if fruit
  3. You put them into your cup
  4. Shake it and your’e good to go

Well after hearing about this trend I was not fully keen on it and what the point of it was…

Naturally, after hearing about this trend  and seeing the countless pictures of it posted on Instagram,  it made sense to be  curious as to what was so cool about this trend. So I did some research on it. Apparently putting fruit in your water is healthier and helps with losing weight because of its anti-oxidant included in it, and also detoxes your body all the while enjoying a nice cool drink, also siillar to green teen in this way. So, I don’t know about you guys and your thoughts on this but I think I am just going make me a glass and head down to the gym to burn of the calories!

BYE! Until next time keep it stylish.

Lady Bug Halloween Costume

Hey guys! I know this is a late post but it’s because I accidently deleted this post from my saed drafts so I had to re-type it, bu anyways lets get started with this D.I.Y.

Materials Needed-

  1. Black material
  2.  Red fabric
  3. Circular object
  4. Fabric chalk
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot glue
  7. Headbad
  8. Pipe cleaners
  9. Fuzzy balls
  10. Black shirt
  11. Black pants


  1. Plug in your hot glue gun and set it on a glass plate or heat protectant sheet
  2. Take your black material and white. Cut your red  fabric in half and lay one atop of the other and with the white chalkd raw half of an oval (these will be the wings). Take your scissors and cut the shape out, you should now have two half heart shapes for the wings.
  3. With your black fabric take the circular object and whie chalk. Trace around the circular object on the black fabric with the white chalk. You may make however many circles you choose to make just make sure you cu around an even amount.
  4. Tae your hot glue gun (PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE HOT GLUE GUN) and glue the red circled on to each side of the black material
  5. While the hot glue dries take your pipe claners and fuzzy balls.  Twistt the pie cleaners around to give them a funny, crazy antenna look then take the headband and hot glue the pipe cleaners onto the headband.
  6. While the antenna dries take your black shirt and the wings and ho glue the tips wings on t the vlack shirt.
  7. Take the antenna and the fuzzy balls and hot glue them onto the tip of bot pipe cleaners


Please message me and comment on he blog if you have just made the costume and how this has turned out for you/

Sweater Weather(Essentials)

Oh no Fall time! I know what you guys are thinking… ‘How Do I make the transition from summer time to fall time?’

Well no worries, I have a short list of some Fall essentials:

  • Giant Sweaters!
  • Plaid Shirts
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Candles (preferably ones that are pumpkin smelling
  • Apple Cider (theree are many different kinds. Of course there’s your basic apple cider, peach cider, pumpkin cider,
  • Aaaahhh Fall time aka “sweater weather”. Time to take out clothes that are twice your normal size and cozy up with cup of hot chocolate in hand.


Micheal Kors Bags


Before I get into the whole trending occurrence of the  Micheal Kors is bags let me just tell who Micheal Kors is. Micheal Kors is the created of the line of these bags that came out sometime in the 2000’s, and a judge on oh so famous show Project Runway.

Micheal Kors have always been a huge trend but these past few years these bags,wallets,shoes,clothes can be seen on everyone everywhere you go. Micheal Kors brings a more sophisticated  yet fun look to women which is much more affiliated with women who are in their mid 20’s and older but this style is starting to trend more with young teens. So get on the bus and get yourself one of his things. They are worth the price (usually range from 100 and up)